Features : Grown during February and March when the climate is cooler and have lower rainfall, flower mushroom tends to develop slower, forming a unique pattern on its surface. Elegant Gift Box package, suitable for self-use or sending blessings for relatives and friends during celebrations like Lunar New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival.

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其果實呈長圓錐型,果皮上密布茸毛,附有果粉。果皮和果肉呈橙黃色,柔軟多汁,酸味少,是目前栽培最普遍的品種。 果實呈圓倒卵型,果窪大,果皮密布茸毛,果皮果肉均為橙黃色,果肉較薄,味稍酸。..
Africa Dried Red Sea Conch Meat New
Features: rich aroma, delicious, fresh and sweet, nourishing yin and kidney, suitable for all ages. ..
 日本山梨縣為全日本水蜜桃生產量第一的地區,山形縣內高山環繞、日照足、水源乾淨,加上日夜溫差大,優越的地理環境有「桃之鄉」美譽。■ 黃金水蜜桃產量稀有,滋味多汁甜美,外表金黃高貴,帶有熱帶水..
Description : The Longan fruit is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. T..