Catty Norwegian Fish Maw 35-44 pcs/Catty

Catty Norwegian Fish Maw 35-44 pcs/Catty
Features :The water quality in Norway is closely monitored by the government. Cold and clear, the high-quality Norway water breeds superior seafood.

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All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.

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Description 描述: 元帥(五爪、紅冠) 蒂端和果頂有五個明顯的隆起,果實形狀是上大下小,呈下圓錐形,果皮厚,底色黃綠並滿布深紅粗細條紋,或濃紅色的果皮,果紛甚多,果肉淡黃色,..
Description : The dragon fruit is bright pink in color and is enclose with small green petal-like..
Description 描述: 黃元帥 果實長圓錐形或橢圓形,果皮黃綠色或金黃色,向陽面微現淺紅暈,無光澤,皮薄、果點大、稍凸起,果肉黃白色或淺黃色,風味甜脆多汁。  ..
果實呈圓形,果皮黃綠色、光滑,果頂微突,梗窪淺,果肉黃色。 改善貧血 增強免疫力 李子外形圓潤美豔,口味甘甜,是 許多女性喜愛的美食果品,含豐富的醣類、維生素B、維生素C以及鈣和鈉,..