i-Fruit Cake 6

i-Fruit Cake 6

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All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.

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Origin:  SwedenProduct Description The Swedish Royals farm was founded in 1970. The free-range ..
Description : Pineapple or ananas season lasts from March until June when fresh fruits available ..
無花果Fig 抑制癌細胞 新鮮的無花果顏色鮮亮金黃,果肉厚實。可鮮食、製成乾果或搭配其他新鮮水果調成果醬,含豐富的杏仁蛋白質、水溶性 食物纖維、果膠和維生素,能有效滋潤肌膚,增加膚質彈性..
Description : The dragon fruit is bright pink in color and is enclose with small green petal-like..
女性的補血聖品 桑椹富含各種營養素,其中大量的鐵質和維生素C,具有消除疲勞、預防感冒的功效。桑椹是女性生理需求的補血聖品,對婦女經期和產後血虛有相當的助益。豐富的維生素能改善臉上膚質,滋養肌..