i-Fruit Cake 2

i-Fruit Cake 2

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All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.

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6-8款新鮮水果: 菠蘿*/有核提子(金笸籮) 台灣紅心芭樂(百子千孫) 台灣楊桃(喜氣洋洋) 火龍果(開花結果) 水蜜桃(甜甜蜜..
i-Niigata Peach 5kg New
Shirane Hakuto is a peach that has been cultivated since ancient times in Shirane, Minami Ward, Niig..
長崎西海'味之子'蜜柑禮盒 長崎西海 溫室蜜柑 ~ 無籽 皮薄 多汁 肉質細 ~ 溫室培養出來的蜜柑 ,以最佳室內恆溫及恰到好處的水分管理 甜度完全測光選果甜度超過13度+ 鐘唔鍾意食蜜..
Have 1800 i-fruit points free delivery one time.   Service Coverage Hong Kong..
Description 描述: 果實橢圓形,果皮底色黃綠,向陽面帶有紅暈,有光澤,果點細而不明顯,果肉淡黃色,味甜多汁、微酸,貯藏後甜味高,果實如果套袋果皮呈紅色,不套袋時果皮呈清綠色。..