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  • Brand: ifruit
  • Product Code: F-KP101
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  • HK$480

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Tags: F-Pears

Features :Fish maws are dried from fish's air bladders. Sliced from Grass Fish Maw, the fish maw pie..
外型像蘿蔔仔,外紅內白,近年始見的高山種植品種,量少不常見。果形整齊高貴,碩大均一,因此近年晉身成為日本人送禮的首選。產地:四國高知 糖度:13-15 大小:3.5-3.8cm味道:果肉柔軟,莓味飄香..
Features :Crafted in Yoshihama, the Kippin Abalone is named after the origin. Gold-ingot shaped, occ..
愛文芒果(大果),是非常受歡迎的台灣水果。屏東枋山是愛文芒果的故鄉,獨特地理及氣候的優勢,使愛文芒果吸收溫暖陽光,故被稱「太陽之子」。台灣好農 愛文芒果,蘋果紅鮮艷果皮,又稱為蘋果芒果。外形搶眼的台灣..
Description : Strawberry fruit is a climbing Plant. The young oblong fruit is pale yellow and tur..