Description : Rambutan fruit is naturally red in color but they sometimes seem like yellow or orange. 'Rambut' is a malay word which means “hair”, hence it got its name because of the Thorn like appearance. The shape of Rambutan fruit is round or oval and it is upto three to six to four cm in dimension. Rambutan is borne in clusters. Its leather like skin has flexible thorns. It has brownish seed with two to three cm in size and is basally scarred. It is soft and crusty. Taste-A good rambutan has a firm and juicy flesh. It has a sweat taste, and it is somewhat similar taste of lychee fruit. The tree will actually look like a enlarged Chirstmas tree. A rambutan is best within mid-season somewhere around June-August as they seem to be most sweet, and large.. It is more sweet than sour. When it gets ripened the flesh separates easily from the seed. But when it is not quite ripe, the flesh sticks to the rambutan seed and the taste is a little sour overall, still not a bad taste though.

產生津液 消除躁熱
紅毛丹是南洋地區著名的熱帶水果,有毛茸茸的軟刺鮮紅果皮,表面裂紋而刺端彎曲、果肉晶瑩柔軟,清涼多汁,味甘微酸,風味類似 荔枝或龍眼,因而又被稱為「毛荔枝」、「毛龍眼」。果品性味甘溫,能產生津液、加速血液循環,消除體內躁熱。紅毛丹經常是鮮食果肉,有些人會加工製成罐頭 或果醬,肉質味美酸甜,讓人喜愛。紅毛丹是很美好的營養食品,尤其它的果殼更能消炎殺菌和治療熱症。


熱量    77大卡

水分      79.7克

蛋白質 1.2克

脂質 1.2克

碳水化合物    17.4克

鉀   160亳克

維生素 B2  0.01亳克

維生素 B6  0.05亳克

食物纖維總量 1.1克

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