Green Kiwis

Green Kiwis

Description : Kiwi fruit are round or oval , brownish-green in color and are covered with short brown hairs. The flesh is clear green succulent .sweet and slightly sour.

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All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.

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Description : Exotic papaya fruit or pawpaw is packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients. ..
日本 長野縣"陽光香印"無核青提子 (人氣)1包(約350g)..
果實呈圓形,果皮黃綠色、光滑,果頂微突,梗窪淺,果肉黃色。 改善貧血 增強免疫力 李子外形圓潤美豔,口味甘甜,是 許多女性喜愛的美食果品,含豐富的醣類、維生素B、維生素C以及鈣和鈉,..
防癌補鈣湯材料: - 元魚翅頭, 蓮子, 姬松茸, 淮山, 椰棗時節: 一年四季 功能: 魚翅頭補鈣姬松茸防癌配料: 可以加瘦肉..