Description : The durian fruit is native to Southeast Asia. It is sold in markets all over the Asian world and is also imported in the United States and Europe. People have differences in preferences regarding ripeness, while some like slightly ripened, tart flavored durians while others might like to cherish over ripened. Usually, ripe fruit that falls off the tree is collected and put to sell.

熱帶果王  乳酪味濃甜美
榴槤屬熱性水果,婦女坐月子時,其營養素能改善體質虛弱或乳汁分泌不足的現象,果核曬乾後加進瘦肉和龍眼烹煮煲湯,具有 調補腎臟、養胃健脾功效;榴槤含糖量較高,肥胖者與糖尿病患者,不宜多吃,其中含有礦物質鋅,有滋陰補陽的奇效,所以男性性功能不足或女性四肢虛冷者可以 多食。

榴槤尚未完全成熟時,可用報紙包覆,約1~2天後即可食用。若已成熟的可將榴槤果肉挖出,放入塑膠袋或保鮮盒中,冷藏可存放2~3 天,冷凍則可保存約1個月。


熱量   133大卡


蛋白質 2.3克

脂肪 3.3克


鉀   510亳克

磷    36亳克

鎂    27亳克

維生素 B1  0.33亳克

維生素 C    31亳克

食物纖維總量 2.1克

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All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.

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