i-Sugar Apple

i-Sugar Apple

Description : Sugar apple (Annona squamosa) is small sized tropical fruit with the polygonal mosaic patterns on the surface. It has rich taste and flavor similar to that of cherimoya. Custard apple (Annona reticulata) is another small size fruit commonly grown in thailand. It features smooth conical protuberances (carpels) on the surface. It has similar taste and flavor as cherimoya; however, has less pulp but more seeds for its size

營養價值高 世界三大美果
釋迦的外形有凹點也有凸點,肉質甜香,營養成分中富含維生素C,算是水果中的美味珍品;釋迦容易和乳製品、蛋白質積聚腸 胃作用,產生消化不良現象,要避免同時食用。它具有補充體力、滋潤皮膚、美化臉上膚質,強健骨骼以及加強免疫力的多種功能。另外,釋迦含較高的熱量和鉀, 正在減重者、初期糖尿病患者、腎功能出問題的人要小心食用。



熱量   104大卡

水分  70克

蛋白質 2.2克

脂肪 0.1克


鈉   7.0亳克

維生素 C    99亳克

維生素 B2 0.02亳克

食物纖維總量 2.7克

每箱 8-10 pcs/box

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All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.

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