Why i-Fruits


i-Fruit Limited (referred as "i-Fruit") is a Hong Kong imported fruit marketing company. As we pursuit of the perfect fruit, we are collecting the origin of the seasonal fresh fruit all over the world.  We will send the fruit to your home only after carefully screened and checked.  Since species, cultivation, mature, harvest, transport, enjoy... i-Fruit provide one-stop service to you.  i-Fruit believed that truly delicious, fresh nutritious fruit can change your quality of life and health.  i-Fruit vowing to evoke your desire for fruits, awaken your passion for fruit, and we aim to led a fruit revolution.


Quality Assurance
i-Fruit has been maintaining good relations with the fruit growers around the world for years, so we can ensure the quality and stability of supply.  i-Fruit will only choose fresh, tasty, nutritious and beautiful seasonal fruits for you, so as to improve your health and enhance your quality of life!

Professional Services
i-Fruit provide you with outstanding professional service, unlike other general fruit company, we know that every customer has its own unique favorite fruit, thus i-Fruit will collecting your favorite fruit from all over the world.  As long as you told us your favorite fruit, we will collecting and comparing the best and most seasonal fruit all around the world for you, and we will analyze various nutritional ingredients, nutritional value of those fruit for you, and then delivered to your home.  You just need to stay at home, contact us, and receiving your favorite fruit.

All fruits recommended to you are with the best quality and in seasonal, so you can enjoy the ideal fit.  We are customer-oriented, as we know you are busy, we provide attentive delivery service to save your time.

Every time you purchase in i-Fruit, you express your maximum encouragement and support to those fruit growers who planted with heart.  All the fruit growers cooperate with us are responsible and strictly follow the standard methods of cultivation.  They only picked the fruit until they are completely ripe.  Your wise choice make those hard and diligent growers deserve for the rewards.  i-Fruit support green cultivation methods, scientific packaging, transportation, and more support to those farmers who grow fruits with heart.




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